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Study in Germany with a US High School Diploma
Wednesday, February 13, 2019 6:30:00 PM CET - 7:30:00 PM CET
Are you interested in pursuing a degree in Germany? Most universities have their international candidates apply via uni-assist e.V., the University Application Service for International Students. 

Join our webinar February 13th for in-depth and first-hand information from uni-assist e.V. representatives Jasmin (Student and University Services department) and Gosia (Evaluation of International Student Applications department).

Questions this webinar will answer:
-	What is uni-assist and what is its role in the application process for US students who want to study in Germany? 
-	Do I always need to apply via uni-assist? 
-	Which documents do I need for my application? 
-	When do I need to apply? 

Finally, Jasmin and Gosia will share useful tips on how to avoid the most common mistakes and how to successfully apply.

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